Frequently asked questions

General questions

What is ?

is a free business directory containing information about Amercian companies and organizations classified by their business activity.

Are there any restinctions to join your directory ?

We don't list companies engaged in adult business

Is your web site really free ?

Yes, it is.

Is it safe to publish company contacts (emails, phone numbers) on your web site ?

It is safe because we hide contact information from bots and spammers the way it cannot be grabbed by software. Only humans will be able to see your sensitive information.

What information should i provide about my company ?

It is up to you to decide what to tell about your firm. But we recommend adding more details about your company because your company listing will appear higher in our search results among your market competitors.

Registration questions

How long does it take for a newly registered company to appear in search results ?

It usually takes no longer than 8 hours after initial registration.

You don't have city "City of Xxxx" as a city option. My company is located in this city and i cannot select correct city name for company address. What should i do?

Please email us:

Login questions

I get logged out immediately after i log in. Why ?

You have cookies disabled in your browser. You may log in only when cookies are enabled in your browser.

Editing questions

How can i update company information ?

Please go to your company profile and click "Login" link on the top right of the page. You'll be redirected to company edit page after you log in.

I have attached the wrong logo to our account. How do I change that ?

Simply upload a new one.

I would like to edit the URL of my company profile. Is that possible ?

There is no possibility to edit it manually. URL of company profile is generated from company name so changing your company name will lead to URL being updated.

How I do remove the address section from my profile ?

We try to provide user with as much information as possible. That is why we don't allow to hide the address of your company. 吉林福彩快三开奖结果 address is required and cannot be set to blank.

How do i remove my company profile ?

You should email us your request at

Miscellaneous questions

The maps shows wrong location. Why ?

99% of cases happens because of incorrect or incomplete address listed on company profile.

1% of cases - incorrect interpretation of your address by Google Maps geocoding software.

Because we do not host map images the whole process of showing you the map looks like this:

1) you look at a company profile

2) we send a query to Google Maps:
"Show me the map for address `street 123, New York, USA` "

3) you see the map provided by Google Maps web service

So there is no way we can manually control how the map is shown on your company profile. We cannot place map marker 30 pixels right or 2 streets left. The map shown depends only on the address provided and on Google Maps software.

I am trying to contact this company with the information showed on its profile but I never get answer from this company. Could you give some other information or what is the situation with this company ?

Some companies change their phone numbers or addresses, some change their names or even go bankrupt. These changes are not necessarily visible on company website. We can only track changes visible on a company website. So we cannot really help you if no one answers your calls. However we usually remove profiles of such companies after we receive reports from users facing similar problems.

I see some inappropriate content on a company profile. What should i do ?

Please email us at Your report will be reviewed and required actions taken.

I have a company named "Acme Rocket-Powered Products, Inc.". There is another company listing on your website with the same name but different website. It is a fake ! Please remove it.

We cannot verify whether the listing is fake or not. We only check if company name and address found on company website matches name and address on our pages. You should contact your lawyer or domain name registrar if you think someone is using fake business name.

I am the owner of a company "Acme Rocket-Powered Products, Inc.". I would like to change some information on your website about our company. Could you call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx or email at so we could send you correct info ?

Unfortunately we do not offer content editing services. But editing your company profile is really easy - all you need to do is simply log in. It's really easy to edit your company profile.